Work Experience With Evie


Work experience at Titanium22 has allowed me to see the inside of digital marketing to another level. Being in a digital world, it’s more than important for a brand to have exposure via social media to gain an audience.

Personal branding has been the key phrase of this week. You are the face of your brand and of your career in general, so putting yourself in the eye of the viewers and showing them your work ethic and values is practically marketing yourself. Being in the media/marketing world you have to have something that makes you stand out and what’s better than a whole platform which is made up of your work and connections within the same or similar industry.

Over the week I watched 2 online webinars, both packed with knowledge about 1-Personal branding and 2- The fast-moving world of TikTok.

In media everything is very fast paced which means trends are constantly moving. Majority of the media’s success is based off of the viewer. Likes and dislikes, shares and comments. It’s all linked to the algorithm. The webinar showed me how this all links to TikTok and how this therefore appeals to the younger generation.

Canva has probably been the most interesting thing to me. I find it so interesting how one single platform gives you the accessibility to create practically any form of social media product. It allows me to be creative without making things complicated and lets me avoid using my not so artsy art skills when trying to create something which is so cool to me. 

From that follows content scheduling. Although it sounds pretty obvious once you see it for the first time, that many companies won’t be able to sit there and come up with a caption in the moment every time they want to post, the concept of being able to plan your posting all through one platform is pretty revolutionary to be honest.

Along with all the ‘technical stuff’ I’ve learnt that there is no rush when it comes to my career choices! As said before, the media is all moving so fast, which constantly gives room for new concepts in the working world.

This week has allowed me to learn so many new skills as well as making new connections which is something that is definitely going to benefit me in the future! 

-Evie Nichols

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